A revolution in maximum security key locks
Australian Lock Company is proud to launch a New Generation of BiLock with additional unique patentable qualities. True to the tradition established by First Generation BiLock, New Generation BiLock offers exceptional security and the revolutionary design features people have come to expect from this Company’s products.

In the early 1980’s, master locksmith Brain Preddey recognised the need for a lock system which provided resistance to picking, impressioning and key duplication. As a result, Brain developed a “U” shaped key operating on up to twelve tumbler pins, which inturn activate two sidebards. So innovative as this lock that patents were granted, and these have enhanced the product’s security value. Brain continues to play an integral role in Asutralian Lock Company’s product design and development, with New Generation BiLock the latest addition tohis stable of product initiatives.

The Australian owned and operated Safecorp Group acquired Australian Lock Company in 1989. The group continues to invest heavily in more sophisticated plant and equipment to augment prodcution and design efficiencies of the world standard BiLock product range.

A History of Innovation...
Australian Lock Company has recorded an enviable annual average growth rate during the past two decades. Whilst its core product range remains BiLock, in recent years the company has embarked upon a product diversification program with a number of new products now on offer. With all these products there remains a commitment to developing and introducing innovative lock security products designed to complement the BiLock range and quality for users.

• Simple • Durable • Tamper Resistant • Flexible • Compatible • Cost Effective • Innovative
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