Getting a grip on architecture
It’s in Your Hand
Products by FSB are to be found wherever architecture meets “handle culture” - in short, at the cusp between people and architecture. They variously include our classic heavy-duty hardware for doors and windows plus mortice locks, door closers and hinges in matching styles and materials and our (grippingly) convenience-focused ErgoSystem®, a universal barrier-free concept that has established itself in the marketplace amongst all age groups.

A capacity for technological innovation, for reflecting critically upon what we do, and also for delivering at the cultural level is part and parcel of the way we see ourselves. Thus it comes as no great surprise that products and all-in solutions “made in Brakel” are to be encountered in buildings by noted architects the world over and, indeed, wherever the emphasis is on style.

Our company’s location in Brakel - in the eastern Westphalian sticks as it were - led us to expand our horizons from an early stage, thus giving rise to the likes of our systems for electronic access management. Notwithstanding the fact that the various hardware types incorporate sophisticated technical solutions, the underlying concept was solely driven by a desire for simplicity. FSB systems for electronic access management are easy to install, administer and operate.

Architecture brands began to emerge during West Germany’s “economic miracle” of the 1950s. Design and architecture, which had gone into retreat with the closure of the Bauhaus and the turmoil of war, were now substantively revived. Great names such as Ray and Charles Eames provided inspiration with their functional furniture

“A rod only becomes a lever through the nature of its use”, is how Wittgenstein summed up the simplicity underpinning his design. His handle was something of an ideal for Otl Aicher. He viewed it not as an optimum moulded-to-the-hand design but as a handle for all conceivable forms of operation - including with one’s little finger. It is the sum of all handles, their quintessence. A fitting logo for us as we see it.

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